Item #1426 Collection of Roller Derby Posters. Matt Traughber, Artist.

Collection of Roller Derby Posters

11 1 2 x 17 1 2 original posters. Collection of seventeen Roller Derby posters from the Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby. Near fine. The Women›s Roller Derby Collection contains a large range of artistic styles: horror, punk music, 60s advertising, underground comics, classic B-movies. Other influences include surrealism, politics, photorealism and Saturday morning cartoons, art of the 1980s, cereal box art, MAD magazine, ˝dark designs,Ø tattoo and hot-rod inspired works. One artist explained that hot rod/rockability culture explains derby›s current popularity. Visual cues from the past infused in a new modern sensibility ± in other words, using the familiar with the new to create a sort or revisionist visual history and mystique for roller derby. PROVENANCE: From Artist›s Matt Traughber›s personal collection.

Item #1426.

Price: $1,200.00

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