[Women - Music] Take Another Little Piece of My Heart: A Groupie Grows Up (Promotional Packet) Pamela Des Barres - Author of ìIím With the Bandî

White folder with two different, black and white, 5 x 7î photos of Pamela Des Barres, author of Take Another Little Piece of My Heart (Morrow, 1992). Photo credit: Randee St. Nichols. Also included: 11 pages.
Two from William Morrow $ Co.
Inc./Publishers. 1) Dear Producer/ Editor: How did you spend the sexual revolution? Pamela Des Barres spent it on the ramparts as the celebrated queen of the groupies and described her wild flings with the gods of rock and roll
in her mega seller, ìIím With the Band.î Promotion.
2) Tour Cities and Dates for Take Another Little Piece of My Heart.
3) 2 page, stapled packet from News From Morrow: For Immediate Release. 4). Suggested Interview Questions
5). Reviews: Publishers Weekly/September 28, 1992; Cosmopolitan - August 1992; USA TODAY - June 24, 1992; Los Angeles Times - June 21, 1987 ìConfessions of an Ex-Groupie; Rolling Stone - July 16-30, 1987 (ìIím With the Band); Village Voice - July 1987 ìPenile Dementiaî Iím With the Band Review.

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