Item #201232 A Collection of Club Flyers

A Collection of Club Flyers

Various places: [1990-2000]. A collection of 380 club flyers; most are 4x6" in very good or better condition. The club flyer is your passport to another world, the land of a thousand dances. There is a mine of information, everything you need to know about your forthcoming adventure weekend. Artistically, the realms of the club flyer boast more freedom of visual experience than almost any other area of commercial art and design. The flyer conveys the spirit, emotion or vibe of a club. The designer must translate this into an image in order to distinguish the night and entice people to come. The transience of flyers has been central to their development. They have always been very much a disposable item because of the time frame they operate within. For designers they function as an immediate outlet for creativity and expression. Each flyer is unique because it maps a certain period of style or fashion and is a statement of its own particular place or time - thus, they are collectable works of art. - (Nathan, 2).

Item #201232.

Price: $2,500.00

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